Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cartoon Series of paintings

First 5 12x12 canvas pieces I painted this month of August. Sold the Minions one. I can't wait to paint the remaining 2 12x12's and move onto oil painting! It's nice to see my evolution! I have found my passion in painting and drawing!

My first era of canvas paintings

These are all my first (except two that were sold) era of canvas paintings I have available for sell as of this date.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

lurker post, happy new year, blah, let's get working...

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my list of art things to do is very large, will be "creating" non stop this year. let's hope for the best shall we?

also, i'm switching from A/I to Fine Arts Pictorial.

that is it, for now.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

forever evolving

I don't really use blogger anymore (cuz it's so boring, i have a wider audience on tumblr) but I decided to change my blog's color scheme layout for the 4th time (i think). I think it looks better than that bland salmon colored layout lol. school's not around until 2 more weeks. I don't really want to think about it, cuz once school starts you got to be in that working mindset again. But I suppose it's about that time again to learn and sharpen those skills. also, college is a best place to just socialize and meet people. It's been a long, productive, summer. #bloglifetothemax this summer UGH. kind of pathetic. but whatever. accomplished a-plenty but I'm still grinding. unemployed at the moment, but I have hope for better things to come in the future... untill then stay tuned...................

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Saturday, June 30, 2012

character sheet

a really fast/ nothng fancy mock up character sheet for my friend's animation video we're working on.

Design Concepts

possible logo/sticker/tshirt designs i've came up with.

yeah, I've been obsessed with this crazy smiley face dude, with his toungue sticking out and a wink xP so far summer has been pretty productive. getting pieces done and collabing with my friends on projects.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Night-Time Enchanted Forest

My theme was "Chaotic" however it looks more Tranquil. I really got these themes mixed up! xD I got inspiration from the forests in the movie "Avatar" which is mainly why the color scheme looks really "futuristic" I can say I like the color scheme on this better than the day, but that's just me. I played a lot with warm and cool colors, was fun getting the right shadows done. Don't tell anyone but I got this composition from a photo someone took. So I had to flip it and make it my own. Incorporated a lot elements to make it look like it's alive and growing.

Day-Time Forest Rendering

Spring Semester is over and now I have more time to work on my personal work and just HAVE FUN AND RELAX!!! I'm going to be taking a break from painting forests right now haha. But here's my Day-Time Forest rendering I did for my Intermediate Illustration Class I took. I learned a lot and it really sharpened my skills painting and drawing even more. My theme was "Tranquil" however it seems more chaotic. My intention of this forest to make a it look "alive" and actually "growing". The long grass and the wind blowing throughout the forest added some elements to that. Here's a progression:
 I'll get better scans later, last one was cropped because my scanner wasn't big enough >.>