Wednesday, May 26, 2010


semester is over and i'm fudging relieved... the only thing that isn't feeling like summer is the weather. May showers today and the highest temp was 60 degrees. my sister's b-day is today and lucky her and my mom are in Hawaii.

Oh I also got these in the mail from utilityboardshop after waiting on back order for nearly a month...Adidas Busenitz Pro has bits and pieces that were taken from other shoes (i.e. the large tounge from the Samba) and inspired by a famous soccer cleat from back in the day designed by Dennis Busenitz himself who is officially now one of my top favorite skateboarders. I can't believe I slept on the original colorway which was gold stripes, red, and black.

well anyways, school is pretty much over for me (besides summer school later in june but who gives a damn) so right now I just work time and chill time and art time and relax time and play time.

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