Sunday, June 05, 2011

Jury Sketches

f***jury duty, they have me waiting in a room full of minorities, middle age men and women, and a few hot ladies, and youngsters for hours. i was selected but many people left from hardships and/or excused. the judge hasn't even gone with the case yet which is about some rape/domestic violence thing. Hey I could have been excused if I were to say "aye, I dont trust cops, and if this dude's in court, he must be guilty regardless, so shall we carry on with our lives?" But you know, I waited and when I was called answered their damn questions. and by the time you know it, I was excused. the judge likes to interrogate people and ask very revealing questions, like wow do I really have to listen to all this? I'm not a nosey asshole.

aside from all that it was a good experience. it's good to learn what the court system and what the people responsible for in doing this sort of thing each day.

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